The Amazon Echo is a voice activated personal assistant for your home. You can ask it questions as well as command it to perform functions such as providing sport scores, reading books from audible, set timers and alarm and even tell terribly funny jokes. Aside all these, you can command the Echo to wake you up in the morning with the alarm feature and immediately read the day’s news from NPR to you before you rise from the bed. This Article will discuss in detail, why you need the product and what the product can offer you.






The Echo is an incredible product with several benefits. There are several ways the Echo can improve the quality of your day to day life. They include:

The most paramount use of the product is to play music and podcasts. When it comes to a quality sound producing machine, then echo is the right product to bet on. The Echo can be connected to other devices via bluetooth and it also offers Prime Music from Amazon, iHeart Radio and Tune-in Radio. This means that instead of using a smart phone to access a playlist on Spotify, you can simply, call on Alexa(Alexa is a App feature on Echo with an human personality) to play a particular song on your Spotify playlist. All you need to play any type of music is to instruct it with your voice.

The Echo is an amazing listener, about ninety percent of the time, the echo product understands what you ask it to do. It does not have problem taking instructions from children and adults. The Echo is an electronic personal assistant that can substantially reduce the number of hours you spend surfing the web for news, sport scores or surfing for newly released music. Amazon Echo makes an excellent personal assistant that is worth the price. The biggest advantage of the product is that the app updates new features and capability frequently. The advantage of this product over other smart devices is the hands-free convenience it offers. The product’s amazing listening capabilities includes its ability to hear you from across the room even when music is playing. It can also provide immediate weather report, traffic report and can go as far as giving information on local businesses.

One of the things that will amaze you about the echo is how easily it can perform Home Automation functions. You can link echo to your lights and ask “Alexa” to turn the living room lights on or off and the lights will immediately come on or go off. Echo is reported to have worked incredibly well with Philips Hue Lightening System and Lutron Caseta devices. It is equally compatible with Insteon and SmartThings devices.

Even if a product similar to the Echo enters the market in the new future, one area it will find it very difficult to defeat the echo is in the area of frequent and consistent updates. The Echo is so efficient in this regard that it has added 95 new features and skills since it was launched.




The Echo is a black cylinder 9.25 inches in height and 3.75 inches in width. It is designed to fit the average shelf in most homes. The echo has tiny circular perorations at the lower part while the upper part is completely plain except for the volume dial located at the uppermost part. The volume ring can move either right or left to control the volume. There are two buttons on the top. One of them is used to switch the microphone on and off and the other is a multipurpose button. The physical appearance of the device is that of a high tech gadget.

The Echo is very easy to set-up, no little thanks to the explicit instructions that accompanies the product. To set up, all you need do is to connect the device to a power source, download the app and follow all the app instructions. The app is compatible with both iOS devices and Android devices. The app can also be accessed via the web. The app is very easy to use, The home screen also displays all the recent commands and questions you have asked the app. A tab located at the topmost left corner of the home screen contains all the options available to you when using the app. At the top most part, there is also a tab that displays your to-do list, shopping list and timer. On other parts of the screen are tabs that allow you to scroll through several music options. Below the music options are various options which includes, voice training, help settings among others. You can also get instant access to Prime Music from the home screen. Usually, the Echo will connect to prime music by default if you do not give any command or specify something else. You can also import tracks to Amazon Music to enjoy good audio output from its speakers.

The Echo uses keyword spotting so all you need to switch on the device is to say the word “Alexa” and lights automatically turn on and the product springs into action. The audio produced by the echo is incredibly nice. The sound is nice and is loud enough to fill a room of modest size. Even if a speaker is what you are primarily looking for, the device performs a very good job. It is even competing with popular speakers for better sound quality and power. It fills the room with an impressive 360 degree omini-directional audio.

1. Echo allows you to check your upcoming schedule on Google Calendar without pressing a single button.
2. The device allows you to play audio books from Audible.
3. Echo can re-order previously purchased items using your Amazon Shopping history.
4.The device provides minute by minute news update from local radio stations and other online news sources.

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